G.M.H. ORGANICS is a professionally managed pharmaceutical company. It manufactures a wide range of cephalosporin group of parenteral products.

The facility is equipped with latest, high-speed and GMP compliance machinery for manufacturing of dry powder injections. It has a unidirectional flow of materials and separate quarantine areas for each stage of manufacturing, providing complete segregation of materials at each stage. The door interlocking system is provided at all the critical places to avoid air contamination. Complete area of walls, ceilings, and floor are made of hard and impervious material. There are separate changing rooms for entry and exit in the sterile area. The major manufacturing areas are painted with epoxy resin material. All the utility services are provided from the service floor therefore avoiding any contamination and interference by the maintenance activities. Manufacturing and Packaging activities are totally segregated from material and people movement point of view.

Manufacturing area has been equipped with 90% recirculation air system with terminally placed HEPA filters. There are low-level air pick up points for return air. All the important operations like filling, bunging, sealing, and blending performed in this area are done under vertically mounted laminar airflow stations, thus providing class 100 environment. There is a positive pressure gradient, which is monitored by Magnahelic Gauzes.

There are totally 08 air-handling systems, in the whole area, which maintain controlled temperature & humidity.

There is a linear flow of manufacturing which consist vials washing after de-cartoning through 10 cycles of water and compressed air in vial washing machine followed by sterilization & depyrogenation tunnel leading to powder filling & sealing machine. A different outer vial washer is used to clean the outer surface of vials after sealing which are then visually inspected through rotary visual inspection machine to check any defect in filled vials. There is a separate machine ‘Bung processor’ which is used for cleaning and sterilization of Bungs, machine parts, and garments.

Quality Control & Quality Assurance
The facility has in-house quality control & quality assurance departments which ensure the quality from beginning of manufacturing process till the goods are dispatched. The departments are equipped with modern qualitative analysis equipments and maintain proper record for every analysis.

Microbiology Lab
Facility is also equipped with its own in-house microbiology laboratory which ensures the aseptic environment in the manufacturing area. The laboratory is having qualified microbiologists who checks the potency of every drug manufactured and prohibit any contamination in-house and out-house.

Warehouse has segregated entry, storage, & exit system for the raw materials and finished products. Each raw material is placed in quarantine are on arrival, checked for quality and released only when approved by QA department, rejected materials are stored separately in locked compartment.

There is automated packaging machine with inbuilt labeling facility. The quality of packaging material is preapproved by QA before being used for packing.

Vision & Mission

Vision :
GMH Organics is committed to be recognized as a trusted and respected global leader in healthcare segment by consistently delivering its quality products throughout the globe in order to ensure “Good Meaningful Health” (GMH) for all human beings.

Mission :
GMH is determined to achieve top position in bringing together the bridges across the world in medicine market and supplying best quality medicine to patients. To ensure GMH galvanize its entire team for executing above strategy, fostering a rewarding and growing business.

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  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.